When it comes to proper roof installation we recommend using a qualified roofing company.  At Tri-core Roofing we’ve been able to help correct roofing errors by do-it-yourselfers, and other roofing companies. In short, the three roofing mistakes to avoid are:

  1. Wrong nail pattern, or not using enough nails.
  2. Poor pipe flashing installation. In many instances the boot is warn out, but other times we’ve seen the nails being placed too close to the corners of the flashing. Over time, the nails can loosen allowing water to sneak under.
  3. Improper overlay of shingles. Anything over 1.5 inches can cause problems such as cracking of the shingle. Eventually, the cracked shingle can become the source for leaks damaging other parts such as the fascia and soffit.

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