If you discover your roof leaks during heavy rain, your best defense is a good offense. Acting quickly to resolve roof leaks can save you from more costly issues resulting from water leaking into your attic, and home. The impact of waiting too long to stop roof leaks include ruining insulation, damaging interior ceiling and walls, creating a breeding ground for mold, and possibly rotting wood framing.

Lets review common causes of roof leaks during a heavy rain:

  • Missing Shingles – This can occur for a variety of reasons, and are relatively easy to fix. Don’t let this minor issue turn into a leak. It should be noted, cracked shingles can also lead to leaks.
  • Clogged Gutters – It’s important to be diligent in making sure your gutters aren’t too clogged. If gutters become too clogged, it prevents water from traveling away from your roof and foundation.
  • Flashing – A common place for leaks is around chimneys. The flashing can be found around the base of the chimney and is placed there to prevent leaking in the first place. However, flashing, if not installed correctly or sealed correctly can become a point of roof leaks. Overtime, the flashing can also rust or crack so when reviewing your roof be sure to assess if this is beginning to happen to your flashing.
  • Vent Boots – The vent boot is placed over vent pipes and are constructed of plastic, rubber, or metal. The Vent Boot material can, overtime, crack or rust and causing a weak point. The good news is this not a major repair.
  • Skylights – leaks around a skylight typically revolve around the rubber seal around the glass, and fitting of the skylight itself. It’s also important to look for any cracked shingles around the skylight as well.
  • Age – You may have given a lot of love to your roof over the years, but sometimes it’s just time to replace it.

If your roof leaks during heavy rain, don’t hesitate to do a proper assessment to fix the issue. Many of the causes are relatively simple to fix, and it will cost far less vs waiting and discovering additional damage from a leaking roof.

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